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A year of engaging PR and UGC content — to encourage the people of Wales to dispose of their waste responsibly.

Fly-tipping Action Wales

Fly-tipping continues to plague Wales’ natural landscape — so, in 2023-24 we worked with our client of 17 years, Fly-tipping Action Wales, to devise an outside-the-box approach to tackling fly-tipping.


For the first time ever, we utilised a mix of comical UGC content and a series of high-impact PR stunts to reinforce the campaign’s key message: always use a registered waste carrier and beware of the growing number of fly-tippers on Facebook.

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We also ran a supporting ‘Stop Facebook Fly-tippers’ awareness week campaign — which saw us raise awareness of online scammers through creative digital and radio campaigns.



  • Influencer and UGC creator working to overcome ‘banner blindness’ — people’s ability to automatically skim over content that looks like advertising — we crafted a digital advertising campaign, that used content from some of Wales’ favourite influencers, including Ellis Lloyd Jones, Welsh Mummy Steph and Tom Rix Comedy.

  • Highly-targeted social media advertising campaigns across Meta, YouTube and TikTok — optimised for awareness and engagement and monitored daily to ensure best possible results vs. KPIs. UGC content helped to bolster engagement with younger demographics.

  • Comical radio advertising campaign, featuring the voice of none other than TikTok star, Tom Rix Comedy — broadcast across Wales’ most popular radio stations including Capital, Smooth and Heart — to over 319,000 listeners.

  • National digi-van stunt and PR campaign — which used photoshopped imagery to highlight the possible reality of waste crime at some of Wales’ favourite beauty spots.

  • Business as usual content to support and reinforce key campaign messages.

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