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Eq’s Top Tips for Working from Home

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

By Equinox

Of the many things we’ve had to adjust to as an agency in the past few weeks, working from home has been the most significant. Now we’re operating as a virtual agency, the work we do hasn’t changed all that much just the way we do it.

As we’ve acclimatised, it’s become clear that plenty of things can be done to make life feel just a little more normal and we’d like to share them with you here. We hope you’ll find the perfect trick to work from home like a boss!

Sophie: “Get out for a lunchtime jog or walk”

Even if it’s just for a quick lap around the block, running during work breaks has become a daily routine for me — it’s doing wonders for my physical and mental health during this very strange time. I find that the simple combination of exercise and change of scenery really improves my creativity.

I keep leaving the house with a conundrum – only to return with a solution!

Eryl: “Dress for success”

At Equinox, we already have a relaxed dress code. Working from home, however, is very different: you’re in your own space and, potentially, on your own. Since starting the agency from my spare room 24 years ago, I’ve always felt obliged to ‘dress for the occasion’ when working from home.

In other words: dress as if I was genuinely going to a place of work because preparing your appearance as if you’re going into the office really does help to focus the mind.

Rhian: “Draw a line under the working day”

Without a commute, I’ve found that it’s important to define the end of the working day. If you can, move from the room you work in to somewhere different when your work day is finished and try an activity. I’ve been enjoying doing home workouts at the end of the day to start the evening with a clear head!

Gwen: “Stick to a morning routine”

Although the idea of not having to get up as early to make the commute to work may seem attractive, I’ve found that sticking to a morning routine has helped my productivity and prepared me for the day ahead. Every morning at 7am, I take part in a live workout session on Instagram, then shower and have breakfast before starting work. This will condition your body, mind and get you into work mode!

Rowan: “Get a set-up you adore”

As a copywriter and creative strategist, I have always felt the need to make my work environment as pleasing and inspiring as possible: wordless music; natural light; a cork board covered in postcards even a little plant can energise your desk.

I love to be able to see out of the window, but if you don’t have that option, why not pop a picture up? To keep things fresh, you could also try having a couple of places to work around the house, following the sun through the day.

Emma: “Break up your time.”

When you’re working from home, routine is key. I’ve found it helpful to break my time down into hourly slots, creating a ‘to-do’ list also make tasks easier to prioritise. Regular team calls and catch ups are a must, too, doubling up as a much-needed dose of humour and laughs!

Ellen: “Chat with friends – later!”

I’m sure I’m not alone that my messages have been livelier than ever in the last few weeks. With everyone navigating their way through a bizarre new way of life, it’s no wonder we’re seeking comfort and interaction from loved ones. However, a buzzing, flashing phone doesn’t aid productivity during working hours. I’ve found scheduling regular evening video calls with friends – or even just a goofy chat on WhatsApp – really helps to stay connected.

Lucy: “Comfort is key.”

While staying in your pyjamas all day is a massive no no I don’t feel the need to overdress for a day at home. Each morning, I select my outfit based on the following criteria: business on top and party on the bottom. This means I choose a top that I would normally wear to work, pairing it with joggers or leggings and my fluffy slippers.

As an Account Manager, I’m in regular contact with colleagues and clients, so dressing in this way enables me to stay professional. Plus, in a video call, your ‘business on top’ is all anyone will ever see!

Jack: “Set yourself daily challenges.”

As a creative copywriter at Eq, I’ve actually quite enjoyed having to find new ways in which to be creative during everyday life. For example, I’ve set myself the challenge of taking a new photo every day, with each image capturing my surroundings in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise explored.

Once this is over, I’ll have them printed and put in a scrapbook; a perfect reminder that significant creative inspiration can from seemingly insignificant things.


We hope this blog has helped you find the perfect trick to work from home like a boss!

Do you swear by the 9-to-5 or are you working in your undies?

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