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Our Tafwyl Takeover on TikTok


Equinox launched Tafwyl’s TikTok channel in 2022 — as part of a wider, in-kind marketing programme which we delivered to promote the festival, all centered around an influencer ‘fringe’ event.


For 2023, we decided to build on the momentum of the new TikTok channel, using key learnings from last year’s event to produce an in-kind TikTok campaign — designed to resonate with Tafwyl’s target audience all while showcasing the brand’s truly Welsh values.


As a bilingual communications agency with a passion for TikTok, this challenge couldn’t have been more up-our-street.

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For us, the name of the game was creating content that would speak to Tafwyl’s core audience of young, bilingual people — by hopping on trends, using popular sounds, and establishing the channel as a go-to place, for fun, yet informative content about the festival — all while celebrating the coolest language on the planet!


Led by our enthusiastic Account Executives, Tezni and Dafydd, we created 25 TikToks — which captured everything from the team dancing in the middle of Bute Park and giving away free food and drink vouchers on Cardiff’s St Mary’s Street, to learning and sharing BSL.

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This in-kind project reflects Equinox’s brand values as a bilingual agency and demonstrates our sound knowledge of TikTok and how to make an impact there — whether operating in English or Welsh!


Here are some of our highlights… To sum-up: we truly did put Tafwyl in the limelight.

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