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The Top 5 Christmas Ads | Class of ‘19

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

By Equinox

Now that the snow has settled on this year’s round of big brand Christmas adverts, we felt it was only fair that ― in the same manner as our 2018 Mince Pie Showdown ― we give you a rundown of our favourites. The votes are in and, without further ado, here are Eq’s hand-picked Christmas Crackers of 2019…

5.) Asda – Let’s Make Christmas Extra Special

One hundred and twenty seconds of truly magical storytelling. If Asda’s ad doesn’t get you in the mood for Christmas then we don’t know what will, quite frankly. We love everything about this one – but the cat turning into Father Christmas on a sleigh at 1:10 really steals the show.

4.) IKEA – Silence the Critics

They say Christmas is all about traditions, but clearly everyone’s favourite Swedish flat pack aficionados didn’t get the memo when it came to building their first-ever festive TV ad. Granted, ‘Silence the Critics’ isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, but the truly unique, attention-grabbing, grime-fuelled creative execution makes this a truly standout spot.

3.) Argos - The Book of Dreams

A truly epic dose of nostalgia, creativity and festive feel-good factor, ‘The Book of Dreams’ is a real winner in our eyes (not least because pretty much everyone at Eq now has that drum kit at the top of their Christmas list).

2.) Walkers Crisps – All Mariah Carey wants this Christmas

On so many levels, this ad really shouldn’t work – but on so many levels, it just does. Too often, the use of a celebrity will cause an advert to fall embarrassingly flat on its face ― but not this one. Famously a bit of a diva, Mariah Carey’s somewhat self-deprecating performance makes this Walkers spot a refreshing exception to the norm.

1.) John Lewis - Excitable Edgar

John Lewis in top spot?! Shock, horror! But seriously, this year’s effort from John Lewis – sorry, John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners – was one of the brand’s best, most heart-warming efforts to date. And, having pipped Walkers’ ad to the post by just one vote, it seems the entire Eq office agreed.

Honourable Mention - Hafod Hardware

This Welsh-made advert is truly a £100-budget masterpiece. As someone in the comments so perfectly put: “Who needs John Lewis or Sainsbury’s adverts when you see stuff like this.”


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