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How to develop a sustainable comms campaign that isn’t greenwashing

Here at Equinox, we love creating sustainable comms campaigns that spotlight the amazing eco-conscious work our clients are undertaking to create a brighter future for Wales, and the wider UK.


But when does a campaign go from (net) zero to greenwashing?


Here’s our tips on delivering PR and marketing strategies that effectively communicate environmental achievements without misleading or overexaggerating.


What is greenwashing?


Greenwashing occurs when a brand deceptively uses green PR and marketing tactics to convince its audience that its products, goals, or policies are environmentally friendly when they are not.


How can greenwashing impact your brand?


Greenwashing can mislead your target audience, undermining genuine efforts to address the climate crisis. This can lead to mistrust, reducing brand loyalty and damaging your reputation.


How to create an effective sustainable comms campaign


  1. Use facts and data – When sharing content, ensure you don’t mislead or over exaggerate successes. Use accurate stats and clear communication which will build trust with your audience.

  2. Tell the full story – Highlight not only your successes but also the challenges you’ve faced. This demonstrates accountability and shows that you are genuinely committed to your environmental goals.

  3. Build a human connection - Create a campaign that tells a compelling story and connects on a human level. This will make your content relatable and emphasise how your brand is contributing to a greener future.

Three brands which we think are smashing their eco-marketing include:

  • Footwear brand Veja – since 2005, it has been creating trainers that combine social projects, economic justice and ecological materials.

  • IKEA – the home furniture shop often tugs on the heart strings in its marketing campaigns and frequently creates ads that prioritise human connection.

  • Who Gives a Crap which makes eco-friendly toilet paper is ICONIC on Insta. They combine facts and figures with hilarious memes that make you stop and take notice of its sustainable impact.

Internal communication is key

Sustainability should not just be a PR buzzword but a core part of your company culture. Highlight your sustainability team on social media, share your environmental goals with all employees, and ensure everyone in the organisation can get involved in shaping a better environment.

By following these tips, you can ensure your sustainable comms campaigns are authentic and impactful, helping to build a trustworthy and environmentally responsible brand.


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