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How to become a guest on your fave podcast show

Podcasts are just one of many tools that brands can consider using as part of their comms strategy — but is it always necessary to produce your own? 

In recent years, podcasts have experienced exponential growth, expanding from 500,000 worldwide in 2018 to over 4.25 million at the start of 2024. This surge in popularity highlights their effectiveness and reach — and brand figures such as Steven Bartlett and Fearne Cotton, via their The Diary of a CEO and Happy Place podcasts, respectively, have seen huge success.

But does this automatically mean that your brand or business should get onboard? Maisie explores…

What are the benefits of podcasts?


  1. Authenticity — podcasts allow you to develop a genuine personal connection with your audience, humanising your brand whilst building stronger relationships.

  2. Amplifies your voice — podcasts provide a longer format to delve into important conversations, positioning you or your team as experts in your field.

  3. Niche opportunities — no matter your niche, the world of podcasting offers the chance to explore topics you are passionate about.


Should I start a podcast or feature on one?

Making the decision as to whether you should start a podcast or be a guest on one depends on many factors including:

  • Budget — setting up a podcast means investing in a good standard of recording equipment, editing audio platforms and more so think about the budget you have available

  • Resources — do you have the resource, time and skillset needed to produce, craft engaging episodes, edit, manage promotions etc?

  • Competition – can you create compelling content that stands out from the crowd? Do you have certain people that you’d love to interview or multiple topics you’d like to explore? Will your podcast fill a void?

  • Marketing – have you got an effective marketing strategy in place to ensure your content is discoverable?


If you’re at the beginning of your podcast journey and the above sounds too much, then why not explore featuring as a guest first — after all, you can always change your mind in the future.


Tips for featuring as a podcast guest

  1. Make a wish list


Start by listing your dream podcasts to feature on and consider:

  • Relevance — are these shows right for your expertise?

  • Target audience — would your target audience listen to them?

  • Activity — is the podcast currently recording interviews?

You can also gather data on monthly listens and downloads to understand your potential reach and how it aligns with your marketing KPIs.


2.  Create a compelling pitch


Craft a pitch that will make you stand out. Think of what you can offer listeners that would be different and ensure content is tailored to the specific podcast you are targeting.


Points to make include:


  • Tell the host what you like about the podcast and how you / your guest can add value

  • Suggest a list of topics that you could discuss

  • Link through to previous content that highlights your expertise like past interviews, blog posts and more.

If you’re working with a PR agency then tap into their knowledge or have them outreach for you — it’s their bread and butter after all!


3.    Prepare for your interview


We have no doubt you’ll be successful in securing an interview so once you do, ask the host for a list of questions that you can prep for — unless you’re following a more conversational format. Also make sure you know when the recording is due to go live so you can prepare additional marketing materials to invite all your followers to give it a listen.



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