#Iaith2020 campaign

In January 2020, Equinox was appointed by S4C to deliver its #Iaith2020 campaign, which celebrated the Welsh language and its role in Welsh culture and society. But when the coronavirus pandemic hit the country in March 2020, S4C’s focus changed – as did Equinox’s brief.

With a focus on providing light-hearted entertainment and comforting messaging, our solution was to create a series of videos which delved into the lives of Welsh-speaking families in Wales as they navigated the first national lockdown.


  • As with many organisations, the impact of the pandemic on the country during the first quarter of 2020 required us to respond quickly and efficiently by adapting our plans and developing creative ideas that helped raise the profile of S4C while adhering to continuously changing government guidance.

  • This involved placing the responsibility of filming into the hands of our audience, thus reducing the need for physical contact with our videographers.  



Diolch video: We worked closely with S4C to deliver a short video during ad breaks, which showed support and gratitude to key workers during the pandemic.

Working against extremely tight timescales, we secured the involvement of people from various backgrounds living in Wales and tasked them with saying a simple ‘Diolch’ to camera.  

In addition to featuring a diverse range of real viewers, we also included a select few people from S4C’s list of celebrity contacts. The video was further optimised for use on S4C’s social media channels.

The result? A beautifully edited, heartfelt video which captured the mood of the nation and positioned S4C as a thoughtful, inclusive brand.

The video (right) was viewed 16.6k times on Facebook and Instagram alone.

Adref Gyda series: Following an initial episode in which Equinox combined the most heart-felt and inspiring clips from across social media, Equinox devised and produced two further, more in-depth episodes.

These episodes followed three well-known families over two weeks as they adapted to the ‘new normal’. This formed S4C Clic’s new Adref Gyda series. 

Armed with briefs and filming instructions, the families captured footage of their lockdown highs and lows.

This footage was edited by Equinox and video production partner, Copa, into two engaging and humorous episodes, which shone a spotlight on the impact of the pandemic on people in Wales.

The series not only provided users with laughter during the early stages of the pandemic, but will serve as a memoir of one of the most notable – and often challenging – periods of many people’s lives.