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Teacher Talk


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of STAEDTLER Teachers’ Club, we were tasked with developing activity to “give back” to the Club’s loyal community of 20k+ UK primary school teachers.  In response, Equinox devised Teacher Talk: a virtual event series, featuring webinars/workshops/discussions hosted by key figures/personalities from the world of education and edutainment.

Art Class

Marking the anniversary milestone, we spotted an opportunity to further enhance the community’s experience — by providing members with free-access to valuable CPD/social/collaborative opportunities outside the classroom.


And by providing this added-value experience, STAEDTLER — a global stationery brand — was able to increase customer-loyalty and build brand-advocacy within its most important market (education).  

To align STAEDTLER alongside diverse, respected voices within the education space, we brokered partnerships with:

Each speaker, selected for their academic area of expertise and relevance, hosted a session (1hr-1.5hrs) where TC members had the opportunity to interact with in-session activities, ask questions and discuss various topics related to the UK-curriculum and wider industry.

By offering a variety of events within the TT series, we were able to maximise interest by promoting unique events with greater relevance to sub-audiences of teachers.


  • PESTLE factors considered to inform planning

  • Member-feedback used to shape strategy/event plan.


  • Developed eye-catching branding to present a cohesive visual-identity for TT and clearly showcase the exciting line-up


  • Set-up of individual Eventbrite pages for each event


  • A detailed briefing provided for each speaker


  • Complementary event sponsorship spotlights offered to STAEDTLER’s key wholesale customers

  • Published a TT-specific page on the main TC website to host information and drive new member registrations


  • Organic social media content including line-up graphics/event-countdowns/stationery giveaways/wider information on the perks of being a TC member/ live posting from events


  • Social media advertising, including a highly-targeted Meta Advertising campaign targeting primary school teachers by job title, as well as interests relative to each session


  • Arranging sponsored posts and Reels with several TT speakers


  • First-look e-newsletter announcing the event to the full TC member database, plus follow-up event reminders and joining instructions for attendees


  • Negotiating placement of leaflets about TT at Disney for Schools CPD events across the UK


  • Management of each live session using Zoom Events, facilitating an introduction for each session and managing Q&As


  • Post-event review via surveys.

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